20 PVC Pipe Projects to Build – PVC DIY Fun Toys

Aug - 25 2016 | 24 comments | By

Today I am going to show you 20 PVC Pipe Projects that you will want to build at home. DIY Fun 1. PVC Blowgun Revolver – Six Shooter – How to make a …


DIY Car Projects: Home Depot Lip

Aug - 24 2016 | 6 comments | By

The famous Home Depot Lip. I had never seen this done on anything but a miata so I decided it’d be a good thing to try on the neon. I think it came out great!


DIY Tumblr inspired room decor ideas! Cheap & easy projects

Aug - 23 2016 | 22 comments | By

Hi guys! I’ve been requested in my past videos to make a Tumblr inspired room decor so in this video I will show you some ideas for your room so it can look like …


Alfie Chair

Aug - 23 2016 | no comments | By


Alfie is a tribute to the 1960s film and features stylish, clean and tailored lines.

Designer: Sean Dare (United Kingdom)

Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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Easy DIY Room Decor Projects for Summer ♡ Pillows, Wall Arts, & +

Aug - 22 2016 | 24 comments | By

Don’t forget to subscribe! Give this video a thumbs up if you’re excited for Summer! Thank you so much for everything ♥ Barati’s video: …


35 outdoor pallet furniture ideas and DIY projects for your patio

Aug - 21 2016 | 1 comment | By

35 outdoor pallet furniture ideas and DIY projects for your patio We give you pictures of the best diy project,diy craft,diy fashion,diy gifts,diy furniture,diy garden …


SoCraftastic DIY Projects TESTED!

Aug - 20 2016 | 29 comments | By

Tweet @sarahlynntea on twitter this video & tag me @alyssaruby_yyt for a follow! If you don’t have twitter, than please comment on her instagram …


Lotna Hand-Cast Concrete Lamp Shade

Aug - 19 2016 | no comments | By


The Lotna is a beautiful hand-cast concrete lamp shade that has been cleverly designed to have a unique hollow bowl like shape, and steel elements that resonate with industrial sleekness. The shade itself looks heavy; however the use of specially formulated glass fibre reinforced concrete has ensured that the shade is light enough to be hung from a simple braided cable that only adds to the elegance of the piece.

Hand-cast concrete shade with steel elements and braided cable

Designer: Daniel Wanat (United Kingdom)

Manufacturer: Living Concrete (United Kingdom)

Material: Glass fibre reinforced concrete

Colours: natural, grey, anthracite, black and chocolate

Dimension: Diameter 48cm, shade height 15cm, maximum suspension height 120cm, weight 2.95kg

Price: £235.00 £302.00



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Manned multicopter part 10, FINALLY UP & FLYING!

Aug - 19 2016 | 46 comments | By

http://amazingdiyprojects.com Manned multicopter build part 10 Takeoff at 4:40 Fuel consumption is 0.65-0.7 liters per minute. Thank you all for the …


Birdcage Acoustic Lighting

Aug - 18 2016 | no comments | By


Flexible work spaces enhance creativity but they can be very loud. ThinkLab’s Birdcage acoustic pendant utilizes the desk to ceiling plane void to address sound – a previously untapped space in workplaces.

Sound privacy increases employee productivity. It means less disturbances resulting in higher concentration and a reduction in sound fatigue and stress .Features include: long term stability, a Group 1 fire Rating, a Class D sound absorption NRC 0.45 – Class C NRC 0.70, min 65% recycled.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)

Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)

Material: PET Acoustic Felt

Colours: various – see website

Dimension: various – see websitev

Price: various – see website

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