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The Reversor is a machine that makes an irreversible action reversible. When you are hesitating to cut a tree, use this machine. By pulling the handle you bring the felled tree back in its original position.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)

Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (New Zealand)

Inspired By: Nature and machines

Material: steel

Colours: green

Dimension: 2 x 2 x 3 meter

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8 Things about doing DIY projects (regularly)

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PLEASE READ —————————- This is a video I randomly made for entertainment purposes. If you are someone who does DIY projects or crafts often.


SATELLITE by Quentin de Coster

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A series of minimal lights exploring the harmony that emanates from the connection of basic cylinders.

Designer: Quentin de Coster (Belgium)

Manufacturer: Van Den Weghe ITEMS (Belgium)

Material: Black or white marble

Dimension: W6 x D5 x H30

Price: 650 exVAT

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How to use Pipe Clamps for DIY projects

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How to use Pipe or Bar Clamps for DIY projects. These inexpensive clamps are perfect for clamping a variety of size materials. Most clamps have a very limited …


Breadboard Projects For Beginners: The Musical Bell (DIY)

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Detailed, written instructions at: (Step 1) Breadboard Layout: …


Haptic by ThinkLab is re-defining space

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The Haptic screen is an innovative volume creator and spatial divider. Whether creating rooms within rooms or buffering hard surfaces, Haptic defines spatial boundaries while tackling the hard tasks of noise attenuation and privacy.
With the versatility of wall hanging, ceiling mounted, straight, curved or wave shapes and countless possible variations in pattern and colour it does double time as a credible decorative element.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)

Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)

Material: PET Acoustic Felt

Colours: various – see website

Dimension: various – see website

Price: various – see website

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3D Masks

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Downloadable plans and instructions for 3D Masks.

Designer: AwesomePatterns (United States)

Manufacturer: AwesomePatterns

Material: Paper, digital




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21 Unusual and Creative DIY Upcycle Projects ideas – Home Decor DIY Ideas

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21 Unusual and Creative DIY Upcycle Projects ideas – Home Decor DIY Ideas ideas,diy ideas,diy school supplies,diy birthday gifts,diy dry shampoo,diy teeth …


Homemade DIY Projects – How To Make Travel Matches Life Hacks

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Some of the best do it yourself / diy / how to / homemade projects. Check out these how to make travel matches life hacks projects you can make at home! Things …


Audio Edited Requested Desk Tour using Dollar Tree and Upcycled D.I.Y projects!

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Ok guys! So thank you to all you guys that told me about the audio issue. This video has been a constant error magnet! lol. But I think we got it all under control …


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